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Blue Parrot was originally founded as a family business in 2000, providing Lighting Hire and Event Production.

Now in our 18th year we continue to provide our services with unparalleled quality and value, not only in Scotland but throughout the UK and beyond. We have also expanded into Sound and Video hire as well as Equipment Sales - we are distributors for Martin Professional, Chauvet and City Theatrical.

We employ a highly-skilled core team, backed up by a small army of skilled and trusted freelance technicians and designers helping us to provide the highest levels of service and expertise. Find out more about our core team below.


Jonnie Clough - Managing Director

Jonnie Clough

Managing Director

As well as managing the day-to-day running of the business Jonnie’s main area of expertise lies in Lighting Design. He designs for a wide range of projects including theatre, musicals, gigs and live events. Jonnie has always been very hands-on and can often be found assisting on site. It was Jonnie’s passion for the theatre that inspired him to start up Blue Parrot in 2000, whilst he was still at school!

Mike Somerville - Head of Productions

Mike Somerville

Head of Productions

Mike has a wealth of technical expertise in his field. He has worked in many venues across Scotland and has designed and operated sound for a number of clients including theatre productions, conferences, operas and rock and roll concerts. Mike has memorised most musicals and has been known to sing entire shows complete with all character voices - the office is never a dull place when he is on shift!

Fraser Welsh - Warehouse Manager

Fraser Welsh

Warehouse Manager

Having worked for many years down South running warehouses for large award winning AV and lighting hire companies, mainly in the ‘glamourous’ rock and roll concert touring sector, Fraser has come back home due to missing the comfort of Scotland’s unrelenting drizzle so much. Unlikely as it may seem Fraser is the go to guy in the office for swimming stroke analysis and tune-ups as well as ultra-marathon nutrition strategy advice.

Sandrine Cazalet - Project Manager

Sandrine Cazalet

Project Manager

Sandrine worked on various types of events across France and Taiwan before moving to Scotland and joining Blue Parrot. Alongside her longstanding passion for theatre, she has tried her hand at an incredibly wide range of hobbies, from gliding and kung-fu to flamenco and Mandarin Chinese. Though she admits that none of these were quite as challenging as understanding her new colleagues’ technical banter!

Rhys Turner - Show Technician

Rhys Turner

Show Technician

Rhys joins the team after working as a freelance technician across Scotland. He has always had a passion for musical theatre and is delighted to be working with Blue Parrot to pursue a career in this field. Aside from being behind a sound desk, Rhys is at his happiest camping and playing outdoor sports.

Jamie McAdam - Hire Desk

Jamie McAdam

Hire Desk

After having a great interest in lighting at school, Jamie decided to pursue this interest by joining the Edinburgh Lighting and Sound School. This lead to him getting a placement at Blue Parrot as part of his studies. We were so impressed by his attitude to work and cheery disposition that we offered him a permanent position in the warehouse once he had graduated.

Aidan Paterson - Repairs Technician

Aidan Paterson

Repairs Technician

Aidan accidentally became a technician in 2002 and since then he has never looked back, working for various companies before settling at Blue Parrot. He is responsible for maintaining and repairing kit as well as driving all over the country. When he's not working, you'll find Aidan cultivating an impressively large beard in the Pyrenees mountains of Andorra.


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