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GrandMA on PC


GrandMA on PC w/fader & command wings, dual touchscreens

This amazingly compact package offers a total of 4,096 parameters by combining a PC, MA onPC fader wing and MA onPC command wing, all in one box.

This case allows for all components to remain connected up, essentially providing a set-up equivalent to a GrandMA2 Light, with only a few limitations such as the faders are not motorised.

This console is ideally suited as a main desk, or as the perfect back-up console to a GrandMA2 Light system.

GrandMA on PC


    • CASE: High Quality Road Case c/w wheel-board, cable compartment and 2 drawers. Screens fold flat to allow a case of only 100cm x 80cm x 30cm

    • PC: Intel NUC i7 with 120GB SSD + 8GB RAM with Windows 7

    • SCREENS: 2 x 19" Lenovo Resistive Touchscreens. The screens fold flat for transport and have 3 different viewing angles

    • UPS system

    • USB Hub

    • LED lighting of wings and and drawers c/w dimmer

    • Bluetooth keyboard c/w mouse pad

    • BACK PANEL: Connections for Powercon mains inlet, 1 x DMX in and 6 x DMX out, 2 x Ethernet RJ45 and 1 x USB. Back panel is protected for transport.

    • USB in the front panel for show back up.


3 day hire Week hire
£200.00 £250.00