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Introducing RUSH, an affordable range of high performance intelligent lighting and atmospheric effects from Martin Professional.


Our hire stock currently includes the following RUSH by Martin equipment: RUSH Wizard Effect Light, RUSH MH3 Beam, RUSH MH7 Hybrid and the RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom.


The RUSH range offers a wide variety of equipment covering every aspect of professional DJ and stage lighting. We know there are many places you can buy your equipment from, but you'll be surprised by the great prices we can offer and our unbeatable after sales support. See the table below for the full range including our fantastic pricing.


  RUSH by Martin Sales Our Price (ex. VAT)

RUSH MH 1 Profile Plus £1186.60

RUSH MH 2 Wash £574.94

RUSH MH 3 Beam

RUSH MH 4 Beam £950.70
  RUSH MH 5 Profile £753.95
  RUSH MH 6 Wash £710.00
  RUSH MH 6 Wash CT
  RUSH MH 7 Hybrid £1999.00
  RUSH MH 8 Mini Profile £300.00
  RUSH PAR 1 RGBW £272.00
  RUSH PAR 2 RGBW Zoom £512.97
  RUSH PAR 2 CT Zoom £550.80
  RUSH Strobe CWL £299.00
  RUSH Gobo Projector 1 £254.74
  RUSH FibreSource 1 £393.04
  RUSH Strobe 1 5x5 £547.40
  RUSH Multibeam 2 £581.82
  RUSH Wizard £734.82
  RUSH DC 1 Aqua £292.65

  RUSH SM 850
  RUSH Club Smoke pump unit £782.00
  RUSH Club Smoke fog head £428.40
  RUSH Club Smoke haze head £540.60
  RUSH Software Uploader 1 £34.95


Blue Parrot offer unbeatable support for all RUSH by Martin products. Our service technicians are highly experienced and always on hand to offer advice. If you have a problem with a product we'll be more than happy to take a look at it for you, with no charge for diagnosing a problem. When we know what's wrong we'll give you a fully itemised quote for the repair, including all parts and labour. We'll give every light a good clean as well while we're at it so by the time its returned to you it'll be as good as new! Items bought from us will be repaired completely free of charge whilst they're under warranty, on a return to our Edinburgh warehouse basis.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're looking for great products, great prices and most of all great service, contact us now.


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