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Color Web 250


Chroma-Q Color web 250 - 5m x 2m kit

The revolutionary Chroma-Q™ Color Web provides unlimited flexibility and new creative possibilities for designers when it comes to displaying low resolution video effects.

Featuring a unique modular design, each flexible 1m² panel provides 16 individually addressable colour mixing LED cells with a resolution of 250mm.

Panels easily clip together on all four sides and can even be joined over distances using separately available interlinking cables, giving users complete control over the size and shape of their display area.

In addition, as only 10% of the surface area is taken up by the lightweight, flexible webbing, it offers unparalleled transparency for double hanging or multi-layering at distances. Color Web can even be lit through for maximum integration with set and other lighting elements.

Color Web can be programmed using any DMX control device with each cell using 3 DMX channels (RGB), but is ideally suited to integration with a media server to unlock its full creative potential.


  • Modular - configure panels to suit changing stage heights & lengths
  • Transparent - overlap designs and light through them at various distances
  • Cost effective - maximum creativity for minimal cost
  • Flexible control - program using any DMX control device
  • Small panel size - creative freedom when designing low resolution video effects
  • Lightweight - requires minimal handling, storage, transportation and assembly
  • IP65 rated - use at any outdoor event

Each 5m x 2m kit includes:

  • 10 x Color Web 250 panels (metre squares)
  • 1 x DMX Power Supply
  • 1 x PSU Spider
  • 20 x fly adapters
  • 1 each of 1m, 2m, 3m & 4m extension cables

Also available:

  • 10m multicore extensions
  • Media server including LED pixel mapper


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