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JEM Glaciator XStream


JEM Glaciator X-Stream

The Glaciator X-Stream creates a total, ground fog effect from a self-contained unit. The Glaciator X-Stream utilizes the simple but effective Jem heavy fog fluids and a closed loop refrigeration system for a heavy fog solution.

Where silence is golden and space is rare, the Glaciator X-Stream’s remote ducting system allows you to place the unit up to 10 meters away from its application area. Optional ducting supplied at no extra charge.

JEM Glaciator X-Stream


  • Density control : low, medium or high
  • Heat up time : 15 minutes
  • Fog output : 80m2/min (continuous)
  • Heat exchanger : 3500W
  • Power supply : 32A single phase
  • Fluid capacity : 5 litres
  • Different fluid options - see below
  • Low fluid sensing
  • Self contained unit : no CO2 or dry ice
  • Onboard DMX : 3-pin
  • Onboard control panel
  • Weight : 110kg
  • Size : 866 x 638 x 725mm
  • Optional ducting system


3 day hire Week hire
£168.00 £280.00