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Liftket 500kg 3phase Motor Hoist


Liftket 500kg 3-phase Motor Hoist, 18m chain, D8+ (LV control)

With black chains and quiet operation these Liftket Motor Hoists are perfect for use in the entertainment industry. With their D8+ rating they are the ideal solution for rigging equipment above people without the need for secondary suspension and without compromising on safety at all. This makes it considerably easier to bring trusses in and out and as a result can cut out the need for working at height in many instances.

Liftket 500kg motor hoist D8+


  • SWL : 500kg
  • Chain length : 18m
  • Chain colour : Black
  • BGV Cat : D8+
  • Mains :415V/50Hz/3ph
  • Control : Low Voltage 
  • Speed : 4m/min
  • Weight : 22.9kg

D8+ rated hoists are suitable for suspending loads above people without additional safety measures.


3 day hire Week hire
£80.00 £100.00