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Martin MAC Encore Wash


Martin MAC Encore Wash WRM

Designed to produce rich color and premium white light in a wide variety of applications where light quality is critical, the MAC Encore™ Wash WRM is a perfect, LED-based, replacement for the much-loved, discontinued MAC TW1. The feature-packed soft edge moving head offers unparalleled 3000 K warm tungsten emulation that truly challenges the output quality of a real incandescent light source, and doubles as a modern replacement for generic fixtures like tungsten based Fresnel fixtures, with the additional benefit of color mixing and movement.


Martin MAC Encore Wash WRM


  • Pure white LED engine with 3000 K CCT
  • Fresnel lens: 14° - 60° zoom—precise, silent and fast zoom
  • PC lens (optional): 11° - 58° zoom—precise, silent and fast zoom
  • Vibrant CMY colour mixing with a superior palette of colours ranging from rich, saturated primary colours to light and smooth pastel shades.
  • Whisper-silent—Combines convection and forced air cooling with user-selectable output vs. sound level control
  • Fully electronic dimmer/shutter control with various dimming curves and tungsten red-shift emulation
  • Variable CTB—tungsten to daylight CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette that stays true to the black body curve
  • Internal barndoor system with two shutter blades and iris. Shutter blades can overlap for full blackout and the entire system rotates +/- 100°. Repeats cues with great precision
  • Animotion™ FX System—internal dimming effect macros for stunning 3D mid-air and projection effects
  • Precise and tight iris with adjustable dynamic effects
  • Super precise and silent pan/tilt movement and positioning due to 3-phase stepper motor technology and absolute position monitoring
  • Weight : 28.5kg
  • DMX channels : 24


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