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Baby Loss Awareness week 2019

We were delighted to be approached by a local father wanting to do something special for this years baby loss awareness week - he had the idea to light up the Hopetoun Monument near Haddington in blue and pink as part of the 'wave of light'...

The challenge was to light the monument which is very isolated and on the top of a steep hill! We were very grateful for the help of a local farmer who was able to use his tractor to carry our equipment most of the way up, but the last bit all had to be done by man-power.

Our solution was to use our selection of completely wireless LED products, including the SGM P-1 and our new stock of Astera AX5's and AX10's. Everyone was extremely pleased with the result, we had an overwhelming response on our Facebook page which has now reached 250,000 people, thanks to over 600 likes and 2300 shares. 

It was a real pleasure to be able to offer this small gesture for such an important cause, which has clearly touched the hearts of many.